The COSMO Project

 Tuesday 20th of June | 3 pm Hvelvet, Sentralen  Tech Showroom

Tuesday 20th of June | 3 pm
Hvelvet, Sentralen
Tech Showroom


The COSMO (Csound On Stage Musical Operator) project is an open-source project providing the software and hardware instructions to make a DIY programmable sound box based on the Raspberry PI computer and Csound, a powerful, multi-platform, real-time sound-processing environment that allows musicians to design their own instruments and audio-effects by writing a few lines of code. 

The initial aim of the COSMO project was to run Csound 6 on a standalone musical device specifically designed for live performance. The custom designed interface board especially developed for the project allows for connecting potentiometers, switches, LED’s, and sensors. Furthermore, you can design your own effects and instruments in Csound, or use patches made by others, and upload them to your device, making the creative possibilities infinite. The people behind COSMO have given several workshops where they assist in building the devices and show how easy it is to design custom audio-effects and instruments with Csound. Through this project, they also hope to strengthen the Csound live-performer community, where one can share Csound patches developed for standalone musical devices. At Boost, you will have the opportunity to meet with COSMO and try various examples of devices first hand in our Tech Showroom


Want to learn more about COSMO? Check out this video:

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