Tech Showroom

 Tuesday 20th of June | 3 pm Hvelvet, Sentralen

Tuesday 20th of June | 3 pm
Hvelvet, Sentralen

Get a sneak peak into the musical world of tomorrow and discover the possibilities it brings! We have invited tech-firms, app-developers, hardware and software manufacturers and musicians from the Nordic countries to show us new ways to create, communicate, and consume music. On Tuesday 20th of June we gather them all in our Tech Showroom at Sentralen, Oslo. Among those presenting their ideas and creations are Teenage Engineering (SE), Mehackit (FI), Museai (NO), Musebox (NO), No Isolation (NO), The COSMO Project (NO) and Charles Martin/MicroJam (NO).  

Do you want to jam with pocket-sized synthesizers? Learn how to build and program your own instruments and audio effects? See an actual robot and learn how it can be used in education? In the Boost Tech Showroom you will get to experience an array of brilliant technological inventions hands-on, that all demonstrates the exciting path music technology is taking. Don't miss out on the opportunity to meet the developers and learn about their thoughts on the future of music!