12 pm | marmorsalen, sentralen

Why are women underrepresented not only in the music field, but also in the rest of the active public life? What impact does that have on society as a whole? Rhiannon EdwardsRobert FrankenHenrik Marstal and  will share their thoughts and experiences on this matter, followed by av panel discussion with Franken, Marstal and Myhre.

Moderator: Martha Våge



2.30 PM | marmorsalen, Sentralen

Algorithms in music streaming services help us find music that we like and show us trending tracks others have listened to. They also filter away music we probably do not like, based on our similarities with other users – such as gender and age. This proposes an increasing danger of cultural bias in music culture in the future, and also greatly affects the chances of artists to connect with new fans, thus creating new digital divides in music.

Speaker: Arnt Maasø


3.30 PM | Marmorsalen, SENTRALEN

Music is one of the most important channels of expression in the world. What are the consequences when only half of the population is able to use it? In this panel, musicians, organizers and free speech activists discuss how the lack of equal opportunities can become a form of censorship. The panel is organized by Oslo World Music Festival, who devoted their whole festival to the censorship topic in 2016. The panel consists of Jan Lothe Eriksen and Marjan Vahdat.

Moderator: Nosizwe Baqwa



9 AM | marmorsalen, sentralen

How can we recruit more girls to male-dominated areas of music and why is it important? Rune Rebne will present a project where he educates girls in composition as a way of recruiting more females to composition studies. Åsa Johnson and Brenda El Rayes will talk about the Swedish initiative Who Can Become a Producer, a program for girls and transgender persons focusing on the creative and technical aspects of producing music. 

Moderator: Tami Gadir



Peter Baden has worked with music and technology for twenty years. He has developed the concept Rhythms from Space – an interactive concert performance involving two drum-o-nauts on a dangerous mission through space. By using Kinect technology, he can collect data from the movements of his audience and let them use their bodies to manipulate microphones, sound, visual 3D models and video in a scenic context. On Boost, Baden will talk about and explain this concept and show us how it works in practice!

1 PM | PRODUCTION ROOM 3 (P3), Sentralen

Have you ever been curious about what programming is and how you can use it to create music? In this workshop for the ages of 13 and up, the participants will get to write and perform their own songs by writing code in the program Sonic Pi. They will also learn the basics of electronic music production by using synthesizers, samplers and sequencing. The workshop is provided by Tommi Toivonen and Otso Sorvettula from Mehackit, a Finnish company developing creative technology education.

1 PM | marmorsalen, sentralen

What happens between childhood play and the professional musician? Where do we loose the girls? 

Keynote speakers: Kyle Devine, Torgny Sandgren (Secretary General of the Swedish Council for Music and Arts Schools), Lars Emil Johannessen (Norwegian Council for Music and Arts Schools) and Alessandra Costa (Projecto Guri, Brazil).

Moderator: Martha Våge

3 pm | Hvelvet, sentralen

Get a sneak peak into the musical world of tomorrow and discover the possibilities it brings! We have invited tech-firms, app-developers, hardware and software manufacturers and musicians from the Nordic countries to show us new ways to create, communicate, and consume music.

Museai (NO), Teenage Engineering (SE), Musebox (NO), Mehackit (FI), Microjam (NO), the COSMO Project (NO), No isolation: AV1 (NO)


8 PM | Hvelvet & Forstanderskapssalen, Sentralen

These composers have spent the past year participating in a composition program initiated by Rune Rebne at the Norwegian Academy of Music. The idea behind the program is to create a safe and creative learning environment that potentially can help recruiting more females to composition studies. On Tuesday the 20th of June you can hear some of their musical creations, as they are being performed simultaneously in Hvelvet and Forstanderskapssalen. They have chosen to call their performance Two Rooms - Music by Young Composers





Music making has moved into the cloud. In this lecture-demonstration, Alexander Refsum Jensenius will show various tools for online music making, ranging from simple sound makers to advanced music programming. He will talk about the possibilities and limitations of various technologies, and propose a framework for understanding how online music making will shape the future of music.

10.15 AM | Marmorsalen, Sentralen

Technology is all around us, and we use it in our everyday life. How can we teach our children to be producers, and not only consumers in a technology-dominated world? How can we prepare our children for a digital future? Panel discussion with Torgeir Waterhouse (from Teach Kids Code), and Tommi Toivonen and Otso Sorvettula (from Mehackit). 

Moderator: Ida Faldbakken

8.30 PM | Voksenåsen

Nine degrees north of equator, in Sri Lanka, there’s a city called Jaffna. Half of 9°N’s members come from that city. Armed to the teeth with instruments like Bamboo Flute and Cajon, they aim to challenge and expand people’s musical preferences, by presenting something that sounds different from more dominating soundscapes. In a direct and seemingly effortless way they combine genres like Baila, Flamenco, Carnatic music and Jazz forming their very own sound. The band themselves describe their music as being energetic, mystical, rhythmical and classify it as ethnic progressive. 


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