Rune Rebne | The Girl Composer Project

Tuesday 20th | 9 am
Marmorsalen, Sentralen
Popkollo & Girl Composer Project

Photo: Norwegian Academy of Music.

Photo: Norwegian Academy of Music.

Rune Rebne (b. 1961) has a diploma in composition from the Norwegian Academy of Music, where he currently works as a tutor in the same subject. He is also a Phd associate at the academy, researching the teaching of composition. 

At Boost, Rebne will present The Girl Composer Project, a genre independent composition program for girls at the Norwegian Academy of Music. Rebne is the initiator behind the project, which is heavily inspired by his experiences drawn from leading a recruitment program for female ski jumpers through the Norwegian Ski Federation.

The program aims at creating a safe arena for building knowledge and competance in music composition. By providing an inspiring meeting place for music composition, the program hopes to increase the amount of female composers and potentially recruit a higher number of girls to composition studies. The project started in September 2016. On Boost, Rebne will share his experiences from the first year.