Åsa Johnsen | Who can become a producer?

Tuesday 20th | 9 am
Marmorsalen, Sentralen
Popkollo & Girl Composer Project


Popkollo is a Swedish initiative working to recruit more female musicians by arranging music camps for girls and transgender persons. The organisation was formed in 2003, as a result of seeing a constant lack of female performers on music festivals. By giving young girls access to inspiring music workshops, Popkollo hopes to recruit more females to the music industry.

Åsa Johnsen from Popkollo is a music producer, sound engineer and musician. She has worked with the organization since 2003 and was the executive director of Popkollo's national organisation untill 2014. Currently she is the program director for their initiative ”Who can become a producer”. The idea behind the program is to challenge the existing male-dominated structure in the world of music producers and engineers. Girls and transgender persons are underrepresented in technical roles. Therefore this program focuses on how building and developing technical skills, can be used as a tool for creative output. With her, Johnsen is bringing Brenda El Rayes, a former participant of the program.