No Isolation: AV1

Tuesday 20th of June | 3 pm Hvelvet, Sentralen Tech Showroom

Tuesday 20th of June | 3 pm
Hvelvet, Sentralen
Tech Showroom

AV1 is a robot developed for children and young adults with long-term illness. With AV1 you can attend school, even from bed at home. The robot is equipped with a microphone, a speaker and a camera, and you connect to it through an app on your smartphone or tablet. The AV1 is controlled by touching the screen of your device, which then signals to the motor in the base and the neck of the robot. Swipe right and AV1 turns to the right! In that way, AV1 becomes the student's eyes, ears and voice in class, on days they can't be physically present. With both 4G and WiFi, AV1 can be included in the classroom, at birthdays, excursions and kid's camps.

Having been designed to stand in a classroom, the privacy of the people in it has been thoroughly taken into account. The AV1 does not store data whatsoever and all transmitted data between the app and the robot is encrypted. Furthermore, measures have been taken so that only the parents of the users and the users themselves are able to access the AV1. Behind the AV1 is the Norwegian startup No Isolation, founded in in 2015 with a single purpose: To reduce involuntary social isolation. AV1 has been developed in collaboration with the Cancer Society, St. Olavs Hospital, Sunnaa Hospital, University of Oslo and Snow Design Studio. Come and see the robot firsthand in our Tech Showroom!