Photo: Norwegian Academy of Music.

Photo: Norwegian Academy of Music.


Not only is Rune Rebne (b. 1961) the composer in the world to have jumped the longest on skis – a 120 meters to be exact. He is also the initiator behind The girl project – composition, a composition program for girls at the Norwegian Academy of Music. At Boost 2017, Rebne will talk about his experiences with this project, after the program’s initial year.

The girl project – composition is heavily inspired by Rebne’s experiences drawn from leading a recruitment program for female ski jumpers through the Norwegian Ski Federation (Norges Skiforbund). From having only twenty-three female ski jumpers across the entire country, we now have roughly a thousand female ski jumpers in Norway, as a result of this program. With Rebne’s composition program for girls, he aims to create a safe arena for building knowledge and competence in music composition.

– The use of technology is often presented as crucial for the creative process when composing music. Unfortunately, boys are often ahead of girls when it comes to making use of technical gadgets. Instead of functioning as a tool, having to deal with technology can work as a barrier for the ones not feeling confident about it. However, the art of composing does not start in a computer program, Rebne says.

Rebne’s project for girls deals with elements such as understanding of art, music making, technology and text. It is genre independent and open to all girls above the age of sixteen, regardless of their previous experience with composition.

– I believe what is important, is to create a good meeting place for making music. When girls are welcomed to work together in an inspiring and safe learning environment, a lot of positive effects take place, Rebne concludes.

The girl project – composition started out with thirty girls in September 2016. The program hopes to increase the number of female composers, and potentially to recruit a higher number of girls to composition studies.  

We are very proud to present Rebne as a part of our conference program at Boost 2017, and look forward to hearing more about his thoughts on how we can motivate more girls to compose music!