Musebox | Tech Showroom

Tuesday 20th of June | 3 pm Hvelvet, Sentralen Tech Showroom

Tuesday 20th of June | 3 pm
Hvelvet, Sentralen
Tech Showroom

Musebox is an app for musical collaboration, that allows the user to browse through audio files, filter by genre and instrument, and connect with like-minded musicians worldwide. Pernille Olestad Jensen and Mario Stjepanovic are the young creative minds behind the app, which aims to improve the way musicians get in touch with each other and collaborate, with just a simple "swipe". Musebox operates with a system where its' users are initially presented with 10-15 seconds long audio clips, without other influencing factors like profile pictures or merits. Only when two musicians "match" with each other, their profiles are opened.

– We think in the age of social media – collaborating based on location and friendship, rather than focusing on talent and ambitions is rather unacceptable, the Musebox team explains.  

They hope that by having their users judge other users solely on the quality of their audio files, the app will open up for collaboration across experience levels and social circles, and make it easier for young musicians to establish themselves and evolve. Musebox will present their app in our Tech Showroom, together with other innovators within the music technology field.