Mehackit | Creative Programming Workshop

Tuesday 20th of June | 1 pm
Production room 3 (P3), Sentralen

Have you ever been curious about what programming is and how you can use it to create music? Mehackit is a Finnish company developing creative technology education for upper elementary and high schools in the Nordic contries. At Boost, they are organizing a programming workshop for the ages of 13 and up, using a program called Sonic Pi. The workshop is beginner-friendly and requires no previous experience with programming or electronic music. Through two hours of intense input, the participants will get to write and perform their own songs by writing code. They will also learn the basics of electronic music production by using synthesizers, samplers and sequencing. Sonic Pi instantly gives an audible result when writing a new line of code, which helps its users make clear connections between the written code and the sounds they hear. 

Sonic Pi is a free program, available for Windows, Mac and Linus. It can be downloaded here: