9 grader nord

Wednesday 21st of June | 8.30 pm Voksenåsen

Wednesday 21st of June | 8.30 pm

Nine degrees north of equator, in Sri Lanka, there’s a city called Jaffna. Half of 9°N's members come from that city. Armed to the teeth with instruments like bamboo flute and cajon, they aim to challenge and expand people's musical preferences, by presenting something that sounds different from more dominating soundscapes. Sometimes their music is wrongfully labelled with the somewhat unspecific term world music, but their music has clear references, even though they are widespread and diverse. In a direct and seamingly effortles way they combine genres like baila, flamenco, karnatic music and jazz forming their very own sound. The band themselves describe their music as being energetic, mystical, rhythmical and classify it as ethnic progressive. Confused? How about finding out yourself, when they play at Voksenåsen June 21st? We promise something out of the ordinary, and who knows – maybe you'll find yourself singing along in in Tamil?